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  • Marina is a Greek born jewellery designer now living in London

  • Studied Economics, Statistics and Management Science in Athens, Lancaster and Essex

  • Lived in Edinburgh while working as business analyst

  • Realized she preferred a more creative job and got a position as junior fashion editor for a Publication Group in Athens

  • At the same time she took classes in jewellery making, sculpture and textiles

  • Designing and working with her hands to create objects brought to her life something precious, lost somewhere in the transition between childhood and adulthood; the love for playing and experimenting just for the sake of enjoying oneself and gaining new knowledge

  • Realized she wanted to be a creative person herself rather than the one who writes about creative people

  • After two years she left the world of publications to study jewellery making in Athens and never looked back

  • Her studies in Athens were technique based and equipped her with sound knowledge on a number of traditional jewellery making techniques

  • On her third year of studies was convinced she would become a Repoussé and Chasing artist after falling in love with the technique!

  • She continued her studies in London were she got an MA in Jewellery Design from Sir John Cass Department of Art, Architecture and Design

  • During her studies in London she focused on exploring different materials and familiarized herself with contemporary technologies in jewellery making such as 3-D printing

  • A year after graduating Marina launched her brand


And the journey continues.......

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